Physical Therapy For 85-95 Year-Olds? Here’s Why!

Most people don’t really know the value of physical therapy, or even know what it is. If you’re over 70 or care for someone over 85 years old you might be interested in the following information.

Do you or an aging loved one struggle with balance and falls? There is hope. Let us empower you to maintain your independence at home and in the community.

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Dr. Jeffrey Guild (00:00:00) – Hey, guys, I just wanted to share this with you this morning before the team comes in for a meeting. So I often hear that people don’t quite understand the value of physical therapy. If people are over the age of 80 or 90 or they didn’t even know that physical therapy or working on physical abilities for older people is actually a thing. And I keep hearing this, so I want to address it. So what we basically found and we do this all day, every day, in fact, most of our clients are over the age of 80 to 85. If someone is 70 and there are kind of hours that’s actually more towards a young side or even 80 years old is more young, 85 to 95 is very normal for us. And this is what we work with all day, every day, going to people’s homes on a mobile basis and seeing them and working on what they really want to get back to in their life. So what can one do over the age of, say, 85? So physical therapy or working on someone’s physical abilities over the age of 85? This is something that I would say is even more valuable as people get older, especially what we would call a highly skilled physical therapist.

Dr. Jeffrey Guild (00:01:03) – Working with someone over the age of 85 is more highly valuable than someone, let’s say closer to 70. Now we start working with 70 year olds, and that’s a great thing as well, because then we’re getting ahead, as with working with the younger person, but working with someone over the age of 85, what are we able to do? We’re able to improve their strength, their ability to stand up out of a chair faster, their ability to respond better to falls, their ability to continue to go up and down stairs or to be able to get back to doing it if that’s what they want to do to continue or to get back to going out with their friends and their family, their ability to walk for longer distances. And all these things are big outcomes in people’s lives because these are the things that people genuinely want to get back to doing. Now, if you work on someone, let’s say over the age of 85, you work on their physical abilities, then it’s amazing the amount of things that you can then just cut out.

Dr. Jeffrey Guild (00:02:00) – You can say, okay, a lot of these other problems are going to come up falls and ending up in the hospital or prolonged hospitalizations because of complications or a hospitalization, and then the person continues to go downhill. It’s amazing how much you can prevent those things from happening if you improve someone’s physical abilities over the age of 85. And it doesn’t take that long to do. And we know this because we do this every single day with people over the age of 85. And it’s an absolute thrill to do. And you get to see those gains that our clients are able to get back to doing. And it’s all because of their improvement in their physical abilities. You take a very highly skilled professional who works with people who are older with neurological disorders and balance disorders, dizziness and vertigo on a regular basis, day in, day out. That’s what our team does. And you build a team around that and then to build a provide that on a mobile basis and then you get to see the number of people over the age of 85 that are able to get the benefit of improving their physical abilities and the outcome that they then get in their daily life.

Dr. Jeffrey Guild (00:03:11) – And the number of problems then that you can just kind of wipe away. Because if you address their physical abilities, then it’s amazing the number of problems that you can get rid of. So if you like this information, subscribe to our channel and share it with a friend and we’ll get this information out to you for you and the people that you care about.


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