Workout Like You're Young Again- Yes, It's Possible Even Over 40 Years Old

Everyone has movement issues as they get older but they can be improved by pinpointing the precise root cause

Complex Movement Problems


Moving incorrectly can cause a lot of problems, the cause of which is not always straight forward. These abnormal movements or postures are not always obviously visible.

Movement problems like this do not usually fit the mold of the healthcare system or even standard physical therapy practice. This is where the holistic approach of neurological meets pain in the back, hip, knee, etc.

Fixing the physical causes to movement problems is a good start but it is not always the complete solution. The brain remembers how you have been moving over the years, so re-training the brain how to move normally is important. Even more important, figuring out why  the problem occurred is truly finding the root cause of the problem. The why  can be from an old orthopedic injury, repetitive movement, repetitive postures, avoiding pain, or a group of muscles not working correctly over a period of time which creates problems elsewhere in the body… Oh, ya! Our clients enjoy peeling away the onion with us as we figure out the true root cause of the movement problem. 

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