Discover the SPECIFIC Reason Why Your Aging Parent Can’t Stand Straight.

We have a mechanical pull forward, we may not be able to stand up straight because our muscles are extremely tight.

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Understand this is so powerful that oftentimes we will find that we cannot get someone to be able to physically stand upright without stretching out the hip flexors and it’s that powerful because you have a mechanical pull forward and so when that person tries to stand completely upright there’s not a great way for that to actually happen and then the result is back pain because then other things have to happen to other joints or the person cannot do it at all or muscles have to strain and they really just don’t achieve a good result anyway as they’re trying to stand upright completely they can’t will their way into it they can’t force their way into it so it’s not as simple as saying dad stand up straight stand up straight he may not be able to because the muscles in the front of his legs are so tight so you have to address the mechanical cause of the problem when you have a mechanical cause to a problem like this the mechanical cause has to be addressed and if you don’t address the mechanical cause then it’s very difficult to then address the behavioral component of it and there can be a behavioral component of it there can be psychological components there can be multifactorial problems this is not a posture while walking or posture while standing is not as simple as just fix the mechanical and everything will be fine but you can’t really get to the other things unless if you fix the mechanical first and again you have this mechanical problem this can also pull on the person’s ribs as well and contribute to that person going forward forward forward forward forward even to the point where eventually you can even have an older person having problems with breathing with rib pain with their chest and their trunk just basically being pulled forward so much that they have problems with mechanical problems with breathing they can’t get a full expansion of their chest because they’re in this vicious cycle being pulled forward forward and again the hip flexors are a big cause to this problem now on the opposite side of the hip flexors we have of course the glutes and the hamstrings very common problem where the hamstrings get overly tight and hamstrings also get tight when people are just sitting too much much


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