If You’re Over 70… Walking, Arthritis, & Balance Improve If You Stretch These Muscles.

Tight muscles can cause problems in your pelvis, affecting everything all the way up and downwards as well.

Do you or an aging loved one struggle with balance and falls? There is hope. Let us empower you to maintain your independence at home and in the community.

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Tightness can cause problems basically at the pelvis so where the pelvis then affects the chain all the way up and then actually down below as well the hip flexor tightness can cause problems pulling the person forward and then the hamstrings and the calves can pull the pelvis downward and also reduce the ability to take a nice long stride and then tightness overall in the trunk muscles can take away the person’s ability to rotate their trunk and their pelvis and their hips and then slows down their walking and makes them less fluid as well now another problem that you’ll often see and this is very very common in amongst people who are older is inner thigh tightness or for professionals say adductor tightness so the muscles in the inner thigh basically are very tight and this does couple things one it can cause what we carry in PT call a scissor gate pattern so the person is kind of walking with one foot in front of the other now just tightness in the front in the inner thigh might not cause that type of an extreme of a problem but you’ll get this kind of torque where one leg is is being pulled forward in front of another and even if it’s not completely in front of the other it does it more than you want and that can actually cause problems because then the person would be more likely to trip over themselves so just that muscle tightness in the inner thigh can pull the legs Inward and cause that scissor gate pattern or it might take them to an extreme level of a scissor gate pattern and then the person’s basically walking with one foot in front of the other basically a tandem walk which actually is a very very difficult thing to do from a balanced perspective and then they’re wondering why their balance is off and one of the reasons is because one foot is basically in front of the other as they’re walking and so loosen up the inner thighs and then that will allow the person to walk without one foot going in front of the other or to prevent one leg from being kind of torqued in front of the other now another thing with the inner thigh tightness this is one of the big culprits for knee pain and if someone has knee pain one of the first things we go to is are there inner thighs type because this Titan is basically rotates the knees inward or creates a torque that rotates the knees inward again you’ll actually have to have an actual motion of the knees playing pulled inward just the torque of inward rotation from the inner thighs can cause knee pain


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