Doing Many Things at Once Can Affect Fall Risk

Overthinking about movement in fear of falling can be just as risky.

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[00:00:00] Yeah, so back to the, the three ways in which we balance our vision are vest stabler system and our appropriate assumption. So, I often talk about the, the scenario of, you know, crossing a busy street, right? So you’re walking, you’re holding conversation, you’re turning your head side to side, you’re walking at a nice fast clip.

You’re have to walk a straight line. You have to do all these different things, um, in order to do that safely. So, You know, while you’re turning your head, your vestibular system and your eyes are keeping, are giving your brain information about where you are in space. Um, both of those things tend to help as, as you do those things, it’s very difficult to walk a straight line and be turning your head with your eyes closed.

So that type of, uh, challenge would overwhelm, uh, a lot of people, even, uh, young, healthy people, like they’re gonna veer off to the side if they, if they do that now. Their eyes are open, they’re turning their heads side to side looking for cars. Their legs also have, and all their joints have to tell them, here we are, right?

And so then we’re getting information basically from the bottom [00:01:00] up to tell our brain here’s where joints are. So as we go up and step up on this curb, and as this, as this, uh, street is kind of uneven, and then there’s a pothole here, our legs just automatically tell our brain what’s going on. So we don’t even have to think about it, because if we have to dedicate attention to.

Then there’s another problem. And oftentimes that’s where people run into problems as well with appropriate suction problem. It’s the amount of conscious focus on where their legs are or not recognizing that they need to be focusing on their legs and they’re not focused on it. And so then that’s when they fall.

So if you’re having to think about how to balance while you’re walking or while you’re holding a conversation, um, that tends to increase fall risk as. , so it’s you. You can’t do too many things at once. It’s something that should be automatic, and if you have appropriate reception problem, that’s not happening automatically anymore.

You’re not getting that information. Now, I.



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