When Balance Problems Require Life-Style Changes

Compensation strategies, such as using railings as guide, are needed to help address the loss of proprioception.

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[00:00:00] So the first thing to do is, is education. So if they have a very severe or complete, uh, loss in their ability to know where their legs are in space, there are some compensation strategies that need to be done at that point. So it’ll be teaching the person, you know, always use a railing whenever possible because you’re not gonna be able to rely on.

Your legs, knowing where they are when you’re going up and downstairs. Um, at least not consistently. And that’s why they’ll trip up the stairs. They’ll fall down the stairs, uh, of course, which of course is very dangerous. And oftentimes they’re using a railing anyway. And some of it is just the acceptance of, yeah, it’s okay to use the railing.

There’s nothing wrong with it in, in this case. Uh, , we want you to use a railing and probably for the rest of your life, which is fine. Whereas with other people, if they don’t have appropriate as exception problem, they just have a lot of other balance problems. We might get them to be able to walk up and down the stairs without using a railing at all.

That might be something that they want to get back to doing or striving towards doing. If someone has severe to complete [00:01:00] appropriate propioceptive loss, were, that’s not gonna be an appropriate thing to get them back to doing. So, you know, using railings, Again, construction site or any of those sorts of situations, these random things, these random situations that people put themselves in.

Um, being much more aware and, um, recognizing when maybe I shouldn’t go that go, go towards that route, right? Um, The most dangerous situations when you have com, when you have severe to complete appropriate deceptive loss. And this even goes if the person has great balance otherwise. So everything else might be fine.

All they have is appropriate perception problem. It’s dark environments, stressful situations, um, a lot going on, um, kind of random things. And that’s when people tend to get tripped up. They’re not aware of what’s going on as much, and that’s when they might get tripped up. And.



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