The Factor that Can Make or Break When Taking Care Of An Aging Loved One

Getting the right caregiver in place ang utilizing modern technology is a major key that can help Aging Loved One thrive in their life.

Do you or an aging loved one struggle with balance and falls? There is hope. Let us empower you to maintain your independence at home and in the community.

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[00:00:00] Now this is the big one. So think about the caregiver, the main person that’s on the ground working with the older individual on a regular basis and interacting with them in their daily life. That caregiver situation can completely make or break the situation when it comes to the older individual being happy, thriving, being productive, and gaining the independence back that they want, or maintaining the quality of life that they want to maintain.

So again, The caregiver can completely make or break the situation. You can have fantastic family. You can have fantastic therapists and healthcare providers and everything else. If you have the wrong caregiver in that seat, then it’s gonna completely derail everything else that everybody is trying to do.

So take the time to research, analyze, try different people out. Look for different caregivers. Take the time to get the right person. Find the right company. Try different people out. See how they interact with your loved one so that you can make the right decision. And, you know, there’s nothing wrong [00:01:00] with trying someone out and then trying something different.

You don’t have to just. Stick with the same person. And I think we see that too often people settle for the caregiver that they have, rather than really pursuing the caregiver that’s going to get and empower the older individual to really thrive in their environment. And another additional tip is, Use technology to help you do this.

So there’s lots of technology now with home security and all sorts of things with cameras and voice and everything where you can be viewing what’s going on with your parent on your phone, on an app. And you can even talk to your parent or caregiver through a camera. And I’ve seen this happen before and it’s so powerful, and I’ve seen some of our clients do this.

They’re absolutely fantastic. They put in the right technology in place so that they could always see what’s going on with their mom or dad, no matter what the situation is. And so that way they can make sure that their mom or dad [00:02:00] are being well taken care of. So leveraging technology, utilizing the technology that’s available to us, and so that way you can not only make sure that you have the right caregiver in place, you can keep your eye on them, see how the caregiver talked with the aging person, interacts with them, et cetera, but also, You can communicate with them directly in real time through an app on your phone.

I’ve seen people do this before and it’s absolutely fantastic and so powerful. So there’s so much capability now we don’t have to put up with our older loved ones patients, clients just getting by. We can help them thrive, and getting the right caregiver in place is a major key that can help them thrive in their life.



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