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There is hope if you are having trouble with balance and falls. Optimove Physical Therapy and Wellness specialize in helping patients gain control of their lives. Getting older is not an excuse.

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We come to you. Let us give you the care you deserve in the comfort of your own home. 

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Hi, I’m Dr. Jeffrey Guild with p Physical Therapy and wellness. And I’m a balance and follow specialist in Dallas. Optimove Physical Therapy and wellness is a mobile physical therapy practice that brings balance and falls specialty to you, the client. And the reason we do that is because oftentimes our clients who are suffering with balance problems and possibly even dizziness problems are having problems getting out of the house.timiveve

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They’re having problems with independence, with mobility. So the best place to work with our clients is in the comfort and safety of their own home. And it’s also where we get the best source of information about their true living environment and the things they want to get back to doing in their lives. If they want to be able to walk around the block, if they want to be able to walk up the stairs again, if it’s stepping out of the front door, those challenges can be very big for people.

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Sometimes. And being able to work with them in their environment to be able to work on balance and falls in that way is very beneficial. And of course for the therapist as well, because that’s what we enjoy doing. If you or someone you know is suffering with a bouncing ball problem, then you might notice a big change in the person’s life.

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Overall, they’re not able to get out and do the things that they want to be able to do or they’re not doing the things that they once did. They may not be as socially active as they used to be. They may not be as engaging as they used to be. You might notice that they’re staying in their home a lot more and not choosing to go out with friends and family as much.

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And that change in lifestyle often results in a continued decline in their life and their physical abilities as well. And then it affects their physical abilities and then there’s that downward spiral in their daily life as well and their interaction with their friends and family. So a problem with balance can make a major impact on someone’s life. And the reality is you don’t have to put up with it.

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There are solutions for this because there are very specific reasons for a balance problem. And oftentimes there are many, many different reasons that all add up together. It’s not just one reason. It’s oftentimes many reasons that all accumulate together. And that’s why finding a balance specialist can be quite difficult, because a true balance specialist is going to be able to piece together all the different things that are causing a person to have a balance problem.

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It might be a combination of their main central balance system or their vestibular system. It could be medications. It could be the fact that they don’t feel their legs in space like they once did. And this could have started many, many years ago because of a back problem. For instance, a lot of these things accumulate slowly over time.

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It could be that their strength isn’t what it used to be. It could be because of a hip weakness problem that’s causing the walk to be off. Or they’re just generally walking slower, not as confident as they used to be, or flexibility problems. They’re also slowing them down and that continues to lead to continued problems. And they’re walking and then affects their balance and then affects their balance system.

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So all these things can go together that affects someone’s balance. So it’s oftentimes several causes are leading to a balance problem. So you need someone who knows exactly what they’re doing, who has seen this thousands and thousands of times and 1000, which ways to build to find the root cause of the balance problem. And so that way the balance problem can be addressed with specific solutions and very specific interventions geared towards the individual person.

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Because let’s face it, if we’re working with someone who’s 93 years old, the solution might be quite different from someone who is 75. There are certain realities that exist where a specialist is going to be able to work with either the 95 year old or the 75 year old just as easily because it takes that specialist who’s experienced so many different people, so many different times that they just know, okay, I know how to work with this person in a way that will set them up for success rather than failure.

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Because we cannot treat everybody the same. We have to treat people as individuals. We have to meet the person where they are at and work with them in the way that we know will set them up for success. No suffering with a balance problem. It can come on very gradually where you just barely notice it until you attend Thanksgiving or Christmas.

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Family members start noticing or you have a sudden fall, or you’re just noticing that you’re more hesitant than you used to be. And so this is how balance problems can come on slowly. Or it may have been kind of one big event that made you fearful, or it might be one big event that makes the person fearful, apprehensive, or changes the physical abilities in some way.

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Maybe there was a hip fracture or a leg fracture that resulted in the surgery and now the person’s having a balance problem after one fall or after an accident. So there can be all sorts of things that happened. Maybe it was a hospitalization or a certain medical event happened where the person’s not moving as much, they’re not as mobile as much, they’re lying on their back more.

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And so as a result, their balance declines quite significant only because of hospitalization or medical intervention. So what to do when there’s a problem with balance or even if there is a fall and the first fall is the perfect time to begin to intervene. So a fall is a cry for help. It’s a warning. Says there is a problem here that we need to address.

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So what to do about it? The first thing to do is act and act quickly. So we know by the interactions with our clients that if we intervene early and swiftly and work with them as individuals, find the cause and develop specific solutions, then people can actually begin to thrive after a fall, because the fall is the warning that basically says, Hey, there’s something wrong.

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So what was going wrong may have been accumulating over two, three, five years and now the fall happens. Now we have the specialist on it that can intervene, engage, communicate with the other health care providers, talk to the doctor, talk to the family. And now we’re able to intervene and figure out what the problem was and then build again that quickly.

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And that’s the key to solving a problem. When someone has had a fall act early specific solutions, specific interventions, and then empowering the person to ramp back up to going back to the things they want to be able to do in their life again. And they can achieve amazing physical gains that they have achieved possibly sometimes even five, ten years, in one case, even 60 years.

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We had a client who could look up again. Now, you may have commonly heard that with balance problems or fall problems, that this just comes with age or this is inevitable. Or you might see your friends or others around you that are beginning to fall. They’re ending up in nursing homes. They’re beginning to just stay in their house a lot more.

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They’re now socially interactive and engaging, and it can seem inevitable for yourself as well. So I want to throw out the idea of don’t accept that, don’t accept that because I am of a certain age or because it’s just my time. This is inevitable. Don’t accept that bounce and falls do not have to be a part of your life.

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You can intervene quickly and solve these problems ahead of time, and that’s the best way to solve the problem. So the best tip I can give you is if you’re noticing that you’re beginning to have a problem with your balance, or maybe if your furniture walking, you’re touching countertops and walls and things like that as you’re walking around the house or you’ve already had a fall or two and you’re just talking up to a random event, begin to question things more and begin to act, intervene early.

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Talk to your doctor, talk to any health care provider that you talk with and seek out a balance specialist. And it’s a very good fit balance specialist that is going to be able to find the specific cause. And then, Bill, to provide the specific, appropriate solution based on you as an individual. So where Optimove physical and wellness can help you or someone you know, if you’re having a problem with balance and falls or if you’ve been falling.

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So if you’re in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, felt the description below. Click the link and schedule your free discovery visit and not have a conversation.


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