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Hi. I’m Dr. Jeffrey Guild with Optimove Physical Therapy and Wellness. And I’m a vestibular specialist in Dallas. Optimove is a mobile physical therapy practice that specializes in vestibular disorders. Now, you might be wondering what is a vestibular specialist and what are vestibular disorders? So you can think of vestibular disorders as problems that cause dizziness and vertigo. A lot of the times now they’re not this and vertigo are not always vestibular disorders.

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So you want to start off when you have these problems by taking action, by talking to your doctor or getting to a health care provider, making sure that you’re on the right path. You don’t want to ignore these sorts of symptoms when you’re suffering with dizziness or vertigo, because the result can be a downward spiral where you have a loss of independence, or you just continue to suffer for months and even years.

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And at worst it can be a life threatening condition. So you want to speak up, talk to your doctor and let somebody know. Now, oftentimes, dizziness and vertigo problems can be caused by the vestibular system or a problem in the vestibular system. So you can think of the vestibular system as our main central balance system. So basically from the top on down the way, our brain controls how we move in space in our environment when we’re walking, turning our heads, crossing the street, having a conversation, avoiding a pothole, worrying about our children, stepping up on a curb, walking in a straight line and looking for cars all without being dizzy.

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This is our amazing vestibular system at work. This is how our body balances ourselves. So what happens when a wrench gets thrown into that system or that system becomes weak? And that’s where a vestibular specialist can be very, very helpful. These are the main specialists that have dedicated their life to studying this particular area. And it is a rare specialty.

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There are not a whole lot of the state border specialists. So we want to make sure that we are a great place for people to come in Dallas and the Dallas-Fort Worth area so that people in that area can get help. Now, if you or someone you know is suffering with a vestibular disorder, you might be experiencing dizziness that may have started very abruptly and your life has been completely upended ever since or has gone through a major life change ever since.

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And they have come on very, very gradually and slowly, and it’s kind of creeped up on you. And now it’s becoming a problem in your life. Dizziness can cause problems with our balance. It can make us have a lower quality of life. It can interfere with our ability to work, play with our kids and grandkids. And just overall, it’s not a fun experience as very unpleasant oftentimes.

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So when people are dizzy, they often do not like this symptom. And why not get that treated? Why not get that addressed? And too often people will go to long months and years suffering with these sorts of problems. And the even bigger problem is they’ll go out and see many, many specialists. They’ll go often to their primary care provider and then often to an ear, nose and throat doctor or a neurologist.

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And then before you know it, they’re also seeing a cardiologist, a pulmonologist and hematologist and whatever other specialists and their next raid to see the psychologist, because they’re beginning to just to think they’re crazy. And the reason for this is because oftentimes vestibular disorders are not caused by something that we can easily pick up on an MRI, a blood test, a lesion in the brain somewhere.

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It can be very difficult to pinpoint a to a specific problem and say, yep, there’s the spot that that’s what we can fix. It doesn’t work that way. And it’s more of a dysfunction of how the brain is working and how the brain is interacting with the body. So the treatment and the assessment is more based on a simple bedside exam.

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What the specialists who really, really knows what they’re talking about and has seen this thousands and thousands and thousands of times. So going back to why people will see many, many health care providers, the reason is because vestibular disorders, when people are dizzy or they’re experiencing vertigo, which is rotational spending or both, they might be experiencing both when they go through these problems.

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It affects so many other parts of their body. It might appear to affect their heart, their lungs, their their abdominal system, their ability to just function in everyday life. It can cause major anxiety problems. And that’s why there are so many different specialists that people will see when they’re suffering with dizziness or vertigo or both. So they see oftentimes lots and lots and lots of specialists without much or any results and especially without any explanation.

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So oftentimes when people come to see us, they are suffering with this problem for a long time and they haven’t gotten any answers. They’ve had all these medical tests, all this imaging, sometimes, you know, multiple MRI’s, multiple CT scans, blood work after bloodwork, after bloodwork, and nobody still has an explanation for them. And every specialist is just saying, what?

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No, there’s I don’t see anything wrong with you know, I don’t see anything wrong with you. And that is a very, very, very common story. So what do we want to do? So we want to make it much easier for solving dizziness or vertigo problems for people. We want to cut through all the endless specialists, the constant referrals, the months and years of suffering.

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We want to make the specialists much easier, accessible to the people so that we can find the root cause of the problem. And then to solve the distance and vertigo problem. So what does a vestibular specialist do to solve this problem? Think that there’s always a cause for dizziness and vertigo. It’s never just because it’s never just because of your getting older.

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It’s never just because of any of these other reasons. Now, sometimes, yes, it can be something as simple as dehydration or medications, and sometimes it can be life threatening. But the vast majority of the time is caused by a problem in our balance system. A wrench has been thrown into our vestibular system, which is our main balance system, or that central balance system has weakened.

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And so whatever step our specialist does is find the root cause of that problem. And once they find the root cause or many root causes, then they’re able to identify what the solution is and to start the person on the path to feeling better. And sometimes people can feel better very, very quickly. Other times it can take a longer period of time.

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But the main thing is, once you see a vestibular specialist, if you have a distance or vertigo problem, then you’re able to start on the right path to feeling better and maybe even a complete resolution of the problem. Now, again, because dizziness and vertigo are not always caused by the visible system or a balance system, a vestibular specialist will also be able to refer you out to the right specialists.

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So that’s everything they’re able to do. Eye vestibular specialists will be able to identify potentially what the root cause the problem is, and they’ll be able to figure out, okay, do we need to send this person to an ear, nose and throat doctor? Is it a neurologist? Is it a cardiologist? They’ll have a very, very good idea of what specialists to recommend that you see and maybe in collaboration with your primary care provider.

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Basically, a vestibular specialist is able to identify the root cause of the distance of vertigo problem. And then with the root cause, they’re able to find a solution and help people to feel better because dizziness and vertigo and balance disorders can completely upend people’s lives and they can suffer for months and years. And you or someone you know does not want to be a part of that statistic.

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So we’re here to provide education and a path forward for people to solve dizziness and vertigo, problems in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Now, you might be wondering, I have a distance of vertigo problem or I know someone who does and I’ve been suffering for so long and I’ve seen so many specialists. Is that can this vestibular specialist really help me?

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And the answer is yes. And a vestibular specialist is helpful for people of all ages, of all backgrounds, if you’re a young person in your thirties, forties and fifties, suffering with the dizziness of vertigo problem. If you’re someone in your eighties and nineties suffering with dizziness or vertigo, then a vestibular specialist can help. If you’ve been suffering with dizziness or vertigo for a very, very recent period of time, or if you’ve been suffering with it for months and years, then the vestibular specialists can help.

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Mainly if you’re suffering with dizziness or vertigo or both or balance problems in general, then Ava Saber Specialist is exactly the type of person you want to see. You absolutely want to find that right specialist that can help you and make sure that’s the right fit for you. Now we are up to move help people with dizziness, vertigo and balance problems because that is our main specialty is vestibular disorders.

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All of our physical therapists are very specially trained in the state border disorders so that if we’re not able to find the solution, then we’re able to find the right person who is. And we work with people suffering with dizziness and vertigo and balance problems all the time, all day, every day we’ve seen this thousands and thousands and thousands of times, a thousand witch ways.

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And once you’ve seen it so many times, then the causes are obvious and then the solutions are much more simple. And because we’ve seen this thousands and thousands of times, the causes become much more obvious. The solutions then are much more simple. But like a lot of specialties, if a health care provider dabbles in vestibular disorders or they attended a weekend course and or maybe even a couple of weekend courses or a weeklong course, that oftentimes is not enough to fully understand vestibular disorders.

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And it takes mentoring, training, lots of study over years to be able to truly be a vestibular specialist. And that’s why oftentimes people are not able to find the right specialist for them that’s able to help them. So sometimes they’ll leave the health care provider and they were supposedly cured or there’s nothing wrong with them, but they’re left feeling way worse than they did before.

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Or they’ll go in and they’ll receive the treatment for the problem and. Yep, okay, good. You don’t need a see us any more, but the problem is still there. And that’s a common, common story. Along with the more sad story of the I’ve seen 12 specialists and nobody’s been able to help me. No one has an explanation. I don’t know what to do.

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So we are up to move. Make sure that we have a vestibular specialist for you or someone you know that can solve the problem, identify the problem, provide a solution, and begin that path to feeling better moving forward and getting your life back again. So if you’re in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, fill the description below and let’s schedule a free discovery visit so we can have a conversation about getting you or someone you know on the right path to feeling better again and getting your life back again.



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