The Lifespan of Our Balance & Vestibular Systems – And How It Relates And Matters To You (You Will Find Your Current Self In This Story)

So How Do We Develop Our Balance & Vestibular Systems To Do The Amazing Things They Can Do?

Ok… Here Is The Progression & Regression Of Our Balance & Vestibular System Through The Lifespan…

Do you remember as a kid spinning around until you were so dizzy you couldn’t stand up and you laughed falling down? Do you remember seeing how high you could go on the swing? Or going on all those spinning rides with your 35 year old parent telling you it would make them sick. Or rolling down hills? Spinning rides at the park?

This is how we develop our vestibular system as children. It prepares us so as adults we can live a fast-paced lifestyle, walk fast while looking for cars while doing multiple things at one time while walking a straight line, playing with our own children and travel… But notice what happens when you go on a swing for the first time again in 15 years… or you end up being that 40 year old that can’t tolerate those spinning rides anymore, etc. Something already changed.

Fast forward several more decades. Now you’re over the age of 80. How often do you play sports, go for long brisk walks, be out and about all day without stopping, work out, travel, deal with a fast-pace life. Probably a lot less, correct?

This is the life-span of the average person with their balance and vestibular system. We train it during childhood to prepare it for adulthood, and it declines as we age. The good news?

This system can dramatically be improved and trained again with the right stimulation done consistently over time. Even at age 95 or older our balance and vestibular system can dramatically be improved to make a powerful impact on our lives. If you don’t use it, you lose it. If you train it well, you can get it back. And we see dramatic impacts with our clients every day with vestibular rehabilitation.

This is not just a theoretical wish from a textbook or medical research. Vestibular therapy is supported by those sources too… but the real impact we see every day with our clients all over the Dallas-Fort Worth area as our clients become better balanced, more steady on their feet, sure of themselves, no longer falling, and dizziness eliminated. All it takes is the right stimulation with the right person done consistently over time. This is no different than training for sports. If you train it, it gets better. If you stop training, it gets worse. It’s as simple as that.


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